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Dark Circles Treatment

The lack of sleep, smoking, and other issues cause dark circles. The Dark Circles Treatment is a good option to get rid of them easily. Different techniques are used to perform this procedure. Continue reading to know the cost, benefits, results, side effects, procedure, and more. 

What is Dark Circles Treatment?
The lack of sleep, smoking, and other issues cause dark circles. The Dark Circles Treatment is a good option to get rid of them easily. At the Laser Skin Care Clinic, we use a variety of methods to fade and remove the dark circles around the eyes. Let’s discuss it in detail.

Results and Benefits

The Dark Circles Treatment can provide the following benefits and results;
·         It delivers instant results.
·         It is a non-surgical treatment.
·         It is a safe and effective treatment.
·         It delivers guaranteed results to all.
·         It fades and removes the dark circles.
·         It is a non-invasive or minimally invasive treatment.

Causes of Dark Circles
·         Skin allergies
·         Nasal congestion
·         Lower eyelid laxity
·         Under eye volume loss
·         Bulging of under eye fat
·         Environmental pollution
·         Loss of volume in the cheeks
·         Hyper-pigmentation caused by melasma
·         Hyper-pigmentation caused by sun damage
·         Venous congestion in under-eye blood vessels

The Machine We Use
At the Laser Skin Care Clinic, we use the latest laser machines to perform the dark circles treatment. That is why we always deliver the promising results whether. We use one of the following lasers to perform it;
·         Q-terra (Q-switched ND Yag)
·         CANDELA Gentlemax ND Yag
·         Asclepion MCL 31 Erbium Yag

Who is a Candidate?

You are a good candidate for the treatment if you have one of the following;
·         The person with dark circles is a candidate.
·         The person who wants to get rid of dark circles is a candidate.
·         The person who has realistic expectations for the treatment is a candidate.

What is the Aim of Treatment?

The Dark Circles Treatment aims at achieving the following goals;
·         To keep the eyes and the skin safe.
·         To remove the dark circles carefully.
·         To make the person attractive and confident.

Which Technique is Used?

The following four techniques are generally used to remove dark circles;
·         Mesotherapy
·         Topical Cream
·         Chemical Peels
·         Dermal Fillers
·         Laser Treatment 

How is the Treatment Performed?
The treatment procedure is easy to understand. The procedure is different for different dark circles removal techniques. As far as the laser dark circles treatment is concerned, the skin is exposed to the laser light to perform it. The laser light lightens the skin and makes it normal.

Cost of Dark Circles Treatment

The cost of Dark Circles Treatment in Dubai varies from person to person. It is so because the condition of the skin is different for different people. We offer it at a low price and there is an exciting discount offer as well. Contact us know the exact treatment price.

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